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Polar Digital Thermostat Dixell XR02CX

Polar Digital Thermostat Dixell XR02CX


Fits CD984, G590, G591, G592, G593, G594, G595, G603, G604, G605, G606, G607, G608, G609, G610, G611, G612, GD872, G623, CC663, CD616, GH268, GH269, CL108 and CL109
Digital Thermostat Dixell XR20C for CD984 G590 G591 G592 G593 G594 G595 G603 G604 G605 G606 G607 G608 G609 G610 G611 G612 DM075 DM076 GD872 GD875 GD876 GD877 GD878 GD879 GD880 GD881 GD882 GD883

Probe (AC614) should be purchased and fitted with this item

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